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Veterinary Pharmacy in North Charleston, SC

The Animal Hospital of North Charleston is equipped with a full, in-house pharmacy for your convenience. If your pet needs additional products that we do not carry in-house, we can easily and readily assist you in ordering products online from our trusted online store.

In-House Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory helps us better aid your pet. Say farewell to waiting 24 hours for test results from an outside lab! This commodity allows us to quickly and easily test your pet for common conditions, even if symptoms are not present. If your pet is ill or injured, treatment is faster and more accurate, therefore speeding up the treatment and recovery period. Common tests processed in our in-house laboratory include complete blood counts, blood chemistry profiles, urinalysis, skin scrapings and needle biopsies.

At times, less common and non-urgent tests will be processed in an outside lab.

Special Diets

There is a wide variety of special diets designed to meet your pet’s particular health and nutritional concerns. If your pet has been diagnosed with certain conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, obesity, arthritis, allergies, pancreatitis, etc., a special diet may be beneficial in monitoring and managing the condition. Inappropriate diets are often linked to gastrointestinal and skin problems.

There are several great diets available on our online store. Your veterinarian is always willing to discuss appropriate options for your pet’s individual dietary needs.

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