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Veterinary Pet Surgery in North Charleston, SC

The doctors and staff at The Animal Hospital of North Charleston understand that surgery is not an easy experience for the client or the pet. We strive to not only ensure that each pet’s surgery is as comfortable and stress-free as possible, but also to provide our clients with a clear understanding of what the procedure entails and why it is necessary for their pet. It is our mission to provide quality surgical care as well as any and all information our clients need to feel comfortable that they are making the right choice for their pet.


Surgery can make every pet owner nervous. Although you can never eliminate risk, you can bring it to a minimum. Whether it’s for a routine spay or neuter, a dental cleaning, or orthopedic surgery, every animal undergoing surgery at The Animal Hospital receives a pre-surgical exam and blood work. This ensures they are healthy enough to undergo surgery and allows us to individualize their anesthesia and pain management plan. We use gas anesthesia and have state-of-the-art monitoring equipment for every animal, and all animals receive pain medications before and after surgery.

Surgical Procedures:

  • State-of-the-Art Procedures & Equipment
  • Orthopedics
  • Oral
  • Basic Abdominal, Spay & Neuter
  • + Many More

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